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Simplify PCI Philosophy

It is our burning desire to bring together like minded organizations and professionals from within the payments industry behind the ideal that in order to make PCI more successful, security must always be the primary mission. PCI must be simplified and made accessible to all merchants, including level 4 merchants which make up 99% of the total business landscape.

Contrary to many in the payments industry who would endeavor to protect data within the merchant environment, it is our philosophy that in order to best protect cardholder data, it must be removed from the merchant environment and systems. The methods used to accomplish this mission must protect the functionality that merchants need while storing all sensitive cardholder data in a secure and PCI compliant location.

From day one, Shift4 Corporation has been a staunch advocate for merchants. As the world's largest card present payment gateway, Shift4 has remained passionately independent, beholden to no single institution or card brand. This independent philosophy allows Shift4 to give merchants objective advice and empower them to make informed decisions. Our approach to providing Real Security and Simplifying PCI directly reflects our company culture...we put merchants first.

New technology from Shift4 removes the merchant’s burden of having to protect and store sensitive cardholder data. With this burden removed, merchant’s payment systems are secure and no longer store, process or transmit cardholder data. Most importantly, merchants are now able to focus on their core business and never worry about becoming the next breach headline.

Imagine a world where credit card information theft no longer exists. This vision is quickly becoming a reality! With cardholder data removed from the transaction process, it can never be lost or stolen.  “They can’t steal what you don’t have.”

PCI should be as easy as simple arithmetic...
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