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About Us

Shift4, a leading developer of enterprise payment solutions, provides powerful, web-based applications that allow merchants to turn their customers' credit, check, debit or gift card transactions into dollars in the bank ­ quickly, accurately and securely. We work with our merchant customers, championing their cause and helping them to receive the lowest discount rates and fastest authorizations possible, regardless of the bank, processor or point-of-sale system they utilize.

Since 1994, Shift4 has provided real-time enterprise payment solutions to leading food & beverage, hospitality, retail, auto rental and e-commerce organizations worldwide, including Hilton Hotels, the PGA, Choice Hotels, Fox Racing, Build-A-Bear Workshops, Louis Vuitton, Back Yard Burger and many other notable companies. Our forte is handling high volume accounts and enterprises with multiple entities, interfaces, locations, processors and merchant types all within the structure of a single system, giving merchants the ability to centralize control of all of their payment processes. This is accomplished through a powerful, innovative, unique, reliable and secure system that connects the world's most popular point-of-sale (POS) and property management (PMS) applications to the world's largest credit, debit and private label processors.

Company History

The desire to fill a void in the marketplace was Shift4's catalyst for entry into the world of payment processing software solutions. In 1994, months of research and development were dedicated to this ambitious endeavor. The result: a fully integrated, multi-merchant, bank independent, real-time payment solution called DOLLARS IN THE BANK. This unique application afforded corporate controllers, IT management and operational staff a level of functionality, flexibility and control not previously available.

Top management at Las Vegas' "mega-resorts" quickly took notice of the financial, operational and technical benefits of DOLLARS IN THE BANK. Within the first two years of Shift4's history, the application was installed at most of the showcase hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. This early success in the high-end hospitality segment set the stage for Shift4's expansion into new vertical markets.

The year 1999 saw the release of DOLLARS ON THE NET, the only Application Service Provider (ASP) model middleware to support every major merchant type, including hotels, restaurants, retail stores, rental cars, ticketing, mail order/telephone order, ecommerce and more. DOLLARS ON THE NET provided all of the power, flexibility and control of DOLLARS IN THE BANK in a web-based solution. Dedicated infrastructure was no longer required, installation was simplified, transactions were faster and costs were lowered.

Shift4 has continued its aggressive development schedule, releasing each year powerful new tools and functionality that allow us to strengthen the breadth and reach of our DOLLARS ON THE NET solution. In 2001, in answer to the growing use of and demand for loyalty and gift card programs, Shift4 released It's Your Card. It's Your Card is fully integrated with DOLLARS ON THE NET to offer the same processor neutrality, advanced reporting, high speed connectivity, low costs and web capabilities for gift card transactions that our customers already enjoy with debit and credit card transactions. Recent years have also seen the development of Canadian PIN-pad capabilities, Dynamic Currency Conversion and a growing list of interfaces, as well as the certification of DOLLARS ON THE NET with Visa's CISP and PCI DSS regulations.

By combining extensive industry knowledge, gained through a lifetime of work and insight into the industries we serve, with the latest technology, Shift4 continues to provide industry leading payment solutions to customers around the world. Today, tens of thousands of merchants worldwide, including everything from fast food chains to luxury hotels, utilize Shift4 software to process over $1.5 billion in transaction dollars monthly.

PCI should be as easy as drawing on a chalkboard...

Who We Are

Shift4 would not be where it is today without the experience, drive and vision of our management team. These individuals have significant expertise in software develop­ment, telecommunications, hardware / network engineering and merchant acquirer banking. Most importantly, they have a passion for exceeding customer expecta­tions through the development of unparalleled payment processing solutions.

Shift4 Executive Team:

  • J. David Oder, President/CEO
  • Katherine Oder, Executive Vice President/COO
  • J.D. Oder II, Sr. Vice President, Research and Development/CTO
  • Stephanie Stowers, Sr. Vice President, Customer Service
  • Kevin Cronic, Sr. Vice President, Systems Development
  • Steve Sommers, Sr. Vice President, Applications Development
  • Tom Stowers, Sr. Vice President, Operations
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