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This website is dedicated to providing merchants with Real Security while providing a simple, yet inexpensive & straight forward approach to compliance with the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard (PCI).

PCI should not be a windfall for Point of Sale companies that force their existing customers into purchasing updates or new software at substantial cost and inconvenience just to be compliant.

PCI should not cause Point of Sale manufacturers to be forced to completely rewrite their applications just to be compliant.

PCI should not cause merchants to endure invasive and disruptive annual assessments just to be compliant.

As you will see during the next few months, partners will be added to this site that subscribe to the idea that merchants should be given alternatives that allow them to achieve Real Security first and experience a greatly simplified process of becoming PCI compliant as a natural byproduct.

The alternative is simply to take credit card information out of merchant’s systems in a way that allows merchants, even those with legacy systems, to become secure and compliant.

Shift4 Corporation, a leading provider of credit card processing services is hosting this site to provide a single resource for merchants looking for a way to Simplify PCI.

Shift4 is so dedicated to Simplifying PCI that they provide all of their security technology at no additional cost to their merchants. To further demonstrate their dedication to Real Security, Shift4 is willing to pay POS developers to add these simple technology solutions to their POS applications.

PCI should be as easy as playing with blocks...

Simplified PCI Technologies

Tokenization - Protects stored data by replacing real cardholder data (CHD) in the files and logs of POS systems with a random alphanumeric “token.” This is done without loosing any of the POS system's payment functionality. Since the majority of breaches have resulted in stored data being stolen, replacing real CHD with a token assures that “they can’t steal what you don’t have.”™

Shift4's 4Go™ - Effectively a driver based cardholder data firewall that doesn’t allow cardholder data (CHD) to enter a POS system. The CsHD is replaced with faux or fake CHD, which “tricks” older POS systems (that can not or have not implemented tokenization) into accepting the faux data as though it is real and stores the faux numbers in the systems data files and logs. The actual CHD is sent to Shift4 for secure storage outside of the POS system thus removing the PABP, PA-DSS requirement of PCI because the POS system no longer stores, processes or transmits CHD. To 4Go (forego: do without) CHD is one way Shift4 is helping merchants Simplify PCI.

Shift4's i4Go™ - Essentially 4Go for eCommerce, replaces payment pages from your website with a payment page securely hosted by Shift4, thus keeping cardholder data off of your merchant site and out of your datacenter or hosting center. i4Go sends a random alphanumeric token to merchant’s website which can be used for later authorization & settlement and for re-occurring and future charges such as those required in book and ship scenarios.

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